Photography: Basquiat: The Unknown Notebooks

Basquiat: The Unkown Notebooks is now exhibiting at the  Brooklyn Museum until August 23rd.
Took myself to see it on their First Saturday for April (finally made it). It was a sensual experience.
Did not know anything about Basquiat prior.
Heard the name and a little on a controversial exhibition of his nudity
but not much else. I was curious to learn more.
I have a fascination for language, especially how people use it.
One can learn something about a person based on their choice of words.
The saying is that actions speak louder, but often in the selection and arrangement of words is action that speaks
as loud.
Basquiat is present in his words
and it is revealingly scary and beautiful.
I found his shortest phrases the most interesting
for they contained more questions and undiluted observations.
It is most interesting how he uses imagery and abstraction in language
in painting
 in colors
in shapes
in humor
in frustration
in wit
to confuse
the heck
of white space, in fantastic sensitivity and playfulness
that speaks beyond his experience
and accumulated knowledge.
Sometimes it is like his mind is exposed
and it is so simple it
very complex.

I  have found a new favorite artist.


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