Personal Style: Zee Boho Spin

When I go boho I call it a wild day. It means to be more natural and not worry much about much. The beauty in dressing for a wild day is putting less effort into what I choose to wear. Interestingly enough I end up loving what I do wear and having some good time in it. A little confession: if you find the pictures blurry, which they are, it is not because I am almost blind, which I am. It is because I shot this half awake. Don't ask why. Please.
Nothing here is ironed. They can all use a little smoothing up on that little -iNg board, but let's pretend that tool is yet to be invented. As a matter of fact, I happened to not like ironing. But sometimes when I find myself in the middle of it, it is hard to stop. Therapy.
I like to do this thing where I spread my hands wide and do little dips one side at a time, and sing (inside my head, but out loud when I am not at risk of ending up in a mental institution) aeROOOplane byebyebyebyeeeee. It was a wonderful game from the ultimate wild days. 
No, keep the ring, but you may put a circle of African wax print on my dread-like head (old abused braids). Thank you. Thank you. Did I say thank you? OK. Thank yoU.
There iz nothing like a fun pompom brooch to make one feel as though one is on zEe top of a top-notch top knot. And it is not at all lonely. There are plenty more pompoms up warm and fuzzy. Wicked fun.
Right. You go on and have a beautiful beautiful beautiful springy weekend. I will remain frozen here until...Thank you for looking and reading and if you do leave a comment, thanks in advance for that, too.

Happy Koryo Multifunctional Necklace (worn as a headband) - Mawusi
Scarf - Made it. Find a similar (smaller) one at Mawusi
Orange Sweater - H&M (eons ago)
Esi Pompom Brooch (similar) - Mawusi
Men's Jacket - Thrifted 
Dress - Thrifted
Skirt - Thrifted
Hand Crochet Bag  - Made it. Find a similar (bigger) one at Mawusi
Converse - Marshalls


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