Experiment: For a Wonderful Monday do This...

When I have to wake up to do anything that does not please me, I find getting up a challenge. I am mentally spoilt. It has always been like this with me. I have little ability to do anything that I do not care for. It is why I really admire people who somehow find the drive to stick to situations they detest. I know people who have a strong dislike for Mondays, and they look at me as if I have two heads when I tell them  that I, in fact, love Mondays. But based on what they say when they explain their dislike for the first day of the work week, it often comes across that these people have nothing against Monday or any of the weekdays. It is what they have to do on Mondays that they dislike. My friends often say I am self-dependent. In many ways it is true. I owe it to an imagination that likes to find beauty in everything. And I always often find beauty in everything. Sometimes it takes a little time, sometimes a lot of time.

If you are someone who does not care for Mondays because of what you have to do with yours, you can take steps to make it a lot better, here is one way to go about it, host a dance party for yourself. I hope you are excited.

1. You will need about fifteen minutes to an hour for your party. So if you wake up at 7am, wake up at maybe 6:45am. 
2. Prior to that, make yourself the gift of a rocking playlist of your favorite dance songs. If you ever felt you had better taste in music than half the DJ's out there, here is your chance to impress yourself. If you are feeling really impressed, send a copy of that good playlist to a friend who shares your feelings about Mondays, and had complimented you, in the past, on your great taste in music. 

3. Have your iPod or computer, or whatever it is you use to listen to music with ready and next to your wake-up alarm.
4. When you alarm starts whining, slap that thing off and hit play on your playlist. And there you go... P A R T Y  T I M E ! ! ! W O O O O O T W O O O O O O O T! ! ! Blast through the morning like your life depends on it. In a way your happiness depends on it. ^_^

Need say you will be having a great time? Dance yourself into wakefulness for like fifteen minutes or as much time as you have set for yourself, then carry the music to the bathroom for your ablutions, then for breakfast. After breakfast, put it off. If you are like me and are sensitive to music it should be enough. But if you need it, keep it going. Hum as you go through your morning routines. Remember to feel good about yourself, I mean you do rock. You know you do. You do not need me to be telling you this all the time, but I do enjoy telling you. If it is gray out there, be your own sunshine until the sun decides to show up. You can be your own source of a good time. Everyone deserves a little break, even that great sun.

Your private little party will be the reason why when you say good morning, everyone who hears it will think you sang it. You will be cheering them up a little. It will be the reason why you will be a little too generous in tipping the girl who hands you your coffee...even though she spelled your name wrong again! Who cares, your name is beautiful, it has a life of its own, sometimes some people just cannot get it. When you smile, it is as if there is a party going on inside you. And we both know there is. You started it a few hours ago. Mate, oxygen is still free. There is every reason to celebrate. You owe yourself a blast!


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