Personal Style: Flower Power

Happiiii Fly-dai mates!
Don't you just want to hug a fresh crisp season like autumn?! Imagine having two seasons all your life:the dry season and the wet season. Then waking up one day to four which are not just rainy and not rainy. It wakes your excitement.
Yes, so who does not love flowers? Not you I hope. Since they are going away in nature,
I thought I had better wear them. To remind me that the moment is a minuscule season, and good memories ought to be recalled and merrily relived, when the present denies one of the actual.
Have a blast!

Hat — I made it.
Dipoyo Flower (in hat) & Bracelets — I made them (Mawusi)
Flowery Fabric Earring (Handmade by Cecilia in Spain) — Mimok
Coat, Scarf, Dress, Tights — H&M (except the coat, they are all very, very old)
Bag — Daffy's
Tennis shoes — gift


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