Meet Angie of POP Jewelry Studio!

Jane: Tell us a little bit about yourself !

Angie: Hello! My name is Angie and I love color! Developing POP Jewelry Studio has been quite a little journey. I started dabbling with beading when I was 12 and discovered working with my hands was my love. Over the years I found myself in various jewelry classes that led me to the Revere Academy in San Francisco. I went through a certificate program and became a metalsmith. Now what? I felt lost after this program and needed to regroup. I began to brainstorm branding ideas and came up with three important elements: color, versatility, and affordability. Once I discovered this, POP Jewelry Studio was born.

J: What is your design/craft process?

A: I am most inspired by color. This is the main design element in my process. Everything inspires color. It may be a smell, a feeling, a mood, etc. Once I have the inspiration the creating begins. Mixing colors is sometimes successful and sometimes not. To make the earrings really POP I dome a layer of clear resin on each earring.

J: What is special about your work?

A: All POP Jewelry Studio colors are original. I have developed my own color formulas and mix all colors from polymer clay by hand.  I also specialize in teeny tiny stud earrings. Having multiple piercings myself I wanted to offer colorful teeny studs for all.

J: Where would you love to see your work in about 5 years time?

A: I would love to see POP Jewelry Studio in various boutiques across the globe!

J: What has being a business owner taught you?

A: Dedication and perseverance works! Keep moving forward and you will achieve your goals.

J: Any advice(s) for those who wish to start a business of their own?

A: Starting your own business requires a lot of dedication and patients. Be easy on yourself. Tap into your resources and ask of advice. Push through obstacles and keep your eye on the goal because it’s waiting for you.

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Thanks Angie!


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