Fashion: AAKS SS15 | Handcrafted Raffia Bags

Through Twitter I met Akosua and learnt of her then on going project. Her excitement about her upcoming collection was infectious and I was curious to see her handcrafted designs. I was also very pleased with how she kept capturing and sharing wonderful images of the Northern Region of Ghana during her stay in the vicinity. From her instagram page I got snippets of Northern women meticulously hand weaving colorful hand dyed raffia into beautiful geometric shaped bags. I became the more eager to see her collection.  The wait is over and every second was worth it. I have always wanted a chic raffia bag (or a Temale bag, like we call them back in Ghana), and now I know where to go for a cool modern piece. Below are some of my favorites from AAKS SS15 collection. Find the rest on their website

Happy shopping!


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