Art: Strobert's Exhibition at the Studio Museum in Harlem

Yesternight was rainy but nice for a November evening. I had been home all day working on some shoots for Mawusi, then decided to stop by the Studio Museum in Harlem to see on the shelves of their gift shop the limited edition scarves they got from me; and to take in their new exhibition.  Though it took almost two hours to figure out what to wear, and another hour and a half to get there, I made it in plenty of time to see everything at my own pace––hey were opened till 9pm. Probably owing to the rain, there were less than ten visitors, including myself. I wanted to scream "hashtag win." And I did. Silently in my head.

Strobert's Of This Day in Time interested me most. I found her abstract paintings singular: exceptionally expressive, and wonderfully dramatic.

Have a blast!


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