Meet Renee of The Silver Feather

Jane: Tell us a little about yourself!

Renee: I’m Renee Hulett, Los Angeles native, art lover, photography student and owner/designer of the contemporary bohemian jewelry line The Silver Feather.  I have been obsessed with all forms of art, my entire life and infatuated with the freedom of expression that art provides. I am self-taught and design everything in sunny Los Angeles.

J: What is your craft/brand story?

R: I started making jewelry in high school after a long and dramatic failed search for feather earrings (this was before the recent feather trend).  It was actually a friend who suggested we make them ourselves.  She showed me how to make them using a few simple supplies from our local craft store and they were a hit. From that point on I was hooked!  I started seeing jewelry like puzzles waiting to be solved.  After a few years and a ton of practice I decided to sell my jewelry and crochet pieces online through Etsy; as a way to generate income through my creativity, control my time, and work flexible hours while supporting myself in college.

J: What inspires you?

R: I find inspiration in various places, i.e. art, photography, and architecture.  Whenever I get a case of designers block or I just need help getting my creative juices flowing, I’ll take a day for myself to day dream. Go to the beach, or hang out at one of my favorite art museums.  I live for the magical moment when my ideas come to life.

J: What makes your work different?

R: I rely heavily on my intuition to help me design, and critique my work.  I know a piece is finished when it looks good and it grabs me emotionally.  My intuition is something that is uniquely my own, and my uniqueness carries over into my designs.  Another attribute to my designs is chance.  There are times when a design is suppose to do one thing but when the piece is completed it does its own thing.  There are times when a design takes on its own personality.  One of my latest creations turned out to be the an amazing unintentional design.  I made an adjustable body chain with the intention of making a body chain that would fit any body shape or type, but after playing with the piece I found it could be worn in over 8 different ways!

J: Where would you love to see your work in about 5 years?

R: I am excited to see where my design skills and creativity take me.  I would love to see my jewelry go viral, a household name.  It is a goal to get The Silver Feather in major retail stores like Anthropologie, Free People, etc. the list goes on.  I’m also working on establishing a new sterling silver line of jewelry.
J: What has being a business owner taught you

R: It has taught me the immense importance of organization, which is the most critical component to running a successful business.  It has also taught me to trust my instincts and go with what I like, even if everyone else is doing something totally opposite.  And lastly it has taught me that it is ok to say no, to value my work, and know my worth.

J: Any advice(s) for those who wish to start a business of their own?

R: Go for it!  Always stay true to yourself and your vision, continue dreaming, and do everything with excellence, honesty, and consistency.  If you are passionate and diligent recognition will follow.

Thanks so much, Renee!
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