How about instead of telling you something today, I ask you something?  Yes?
So how are you?
Did you have a good weekend? How so? What would have made it better, or less so?
What is the most interesting thing that has happened to you this year?
What one thing have you learned about yourself this year? Is it a good discovery?
Have you changed in any way? Is it deliberate?
Are you deliberately trying to change anything about you? Why?
Do you know what makes you happy? Are you happy?
What are your priorities?
Are you focused on anything? What is it? And why is that?
Are you making time for yourself? How so and how frequently?
Who are you when you are around your friends? Someone you are proud of?
How much can you depend on your friends? How much do you depend on them?
How much can your friends depend on you? How much do they depend on you?
How much do you love yourself? How much should you love yourself?

Do you believe you deserve to be loved? Why? Who loves you?
What is your definition of love?
What or who are you taking for granted? Do you mean to quit such a behavior? Why?
How often do you listen to your instinct? Do you trust it? Why?
Do your trust yourself? Why?
What is your idea of success? Define it.
What is your idea of happiness? Define it.
Is success and happiness the same thing? Why so or why not?
What do you believe in? Why?
What are your plans for this week? Why are they important to you?
Are you excited about today? Why?
How easy was it for you to answer these questions? Were you able to answer all of them?

There! Try answering these questions in your spare time. I won't respond in the comment section if I were you, unless anonymously. Don't stress it, just be honest with yourself.

Have a blast!


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