Meet Mayowa & Ebony of FLO+THEO

-Tell us a bit about yourselves

Mayowa and I (Ebony) are the co-founders of FLO+THEO, an all-natural, vegan, artisan skin care brand.  We are Nigerian born sisters, who grew up in England and Ireland and now call New York City home. Mayowa has a computer engineering and email marketing background, whilst I studied to be a human rights lawyer and together, we now create simple yet effective skin care formulations.
Mayowa in green, Ebony in red
- What is your craft/brand story

Ebony:  I always had really sensitive skin (I am literally allergic to everything), so I had been making my own skin care products for years. I also had always wanted to start my own business and all through my academic career, whilst studying to be a lawyer, I was also looking up possible business ideas, attending business courses and interning at local businesses. After I finished law school, I thought it was an epitome time to take a leap of faith and start a business on what I already knew and loved, natural skin care.

Mayowa: I have always been a product junkie, constantly looking for the newest and best products on the market.  I started using Ebony’s formulations after she moved to New York. I found that, even though I had very dry skin her products worked very well for me. I knew there was an opportunity to bring these remedies to the masses and due to my background, I was able to execute the technical aspects of the business.
- What are your inspirations and what make your work different from others

We are inspired by our surroundings, nature and most importantly our ingredients. Once our imagination is sparked, we come together and brainstorm formulations and recipes using the best raw materials. After weeks, sometimes months of experimentation on our selves, friends and family, if we find something that we love, we take steps to introduce it to FLO+THEO customers.
-Where would you love to see your work in about 5 years

We would love to keep on making great products, growing organically and eventually see our products in stores internationally.

-What has being a business owner taught you

It has taught us that owning a business requires a lot of patience and perseverance. There have been many times, when we have had tremendous setbacks and just wanted to quit. However each time we feel this way, we have to remind ourselves that despite the failures, rejections and difficulties, we have no other choice but to keep on pushing.

-Any advice for those who wish to start a business of their own

One of our favorite quotes is that “you can’t compare someone's middle to your beginning.”  I think that in the early days of starting a business, it is easy to compare your brand to other more established businesses.  You might look at where you currently are and where they are and feel overwhelmed, disheartened and even envious of their success and achievements. However it is really important to just focus on your work and remember that your journey has just begun and will never be the same as any other business.
Thanks so much, Ebony and Mayowa!
I have had the pleasure of using their body butter which I bought from them at fair we both worked at,  and now I am hooked. I highly recommend the Orange Harvest Body Butter, if like me you love citrus. And their Lemon Orchard Soap will get you singing in the shower.
 You can shop directly from their online shop:
And follow them on the following social media platforms for their up coming events and special promotions!
Have a blast!


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