Football Fever: Let's Hear it for BRAZIL!

If you are following the FIFA World Cup, you know that Ghana is out, and so is every other African country, and so is the USA. Honestly, I stopped watching the game after that disgraceful match between Ghana and Portugal. It is very obvious that Portugal played dirty. It was offensive to watch. That said, I am here about Brazil. I didn't watch their recent match but after I heard the scores I felt numb. Germany has been playing an impressive game and I am not surprised that they have managed to make history, but I am a Brazilian fan. Which is why today I am dedicating this space to the Brazilian team. Poetry will be back next Wednesday. But for now, I am here to declare my respect for that AMAZING team. It is one thing to lose a game, it is another to lose a game at home, and it is another to lose it in the manner that they did to Germany. The scores are painful, but they've played amazingly well thus far. I am proud of them. They have made it to the semifinals and that is something!

      G          O                   B          R          A          Z          I          L   !   


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