My Visit to Etsy

Etsy's annual Craft Party is set for this Friday, June 6th from 5pm - 8:30pm! I will be attending the one at DUMBO. To help set the party in swing, there was a little pre-party event hosted at the Etsy Headquarters and I had the good fortune to be invited to it with Erin, Corey and Julie! Katie, our very cool host, gave us a tour of the place.  Since I brought Karma with me, I got a few pictures!
The photo booth coughed out this excellent mistake.
I zoomed in on the food and stayed zoomed in on the food. We all had a lot of fun and I had more cookies than anyone. I made sure to sit closest to the food.
Amazing chandelier.
She who took the amazing pictures of us.
I am still thinking on this cycle thingie...what is it called?
Well, there is enough to look at. Now where to start?
Yes! Let's all do this. Please, please...
From the Etsy Museum. I want lace to come out of my ears.
Ingenious, yes? Yes.
This makes me want to hug someone. If you're reading this, I am sending virtual hugs your way.
Don't hang the real thing.
I believe these are all from Etsy shops.

Right then!
Hope I shall see you at the Craft Party!


  1. That looks like it was a lot of fun Jane! And, I like your tip about sitting close to the food :) I am going to an Etsy Party out here in the SF Bay Area ---- really looking forward to the crafts, meeting new people and the food! Thanks for Sharing.

    1. Yes Ashleigh, it was! Hope you had fun at yours.


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