Experiment: Remembering and Predicting

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What were you doing yesterday at say 4:30pm? What will you be doing tomorrow at the same time? Here is a neat experiment. This week I will be writing onto pieces of papers whole hours and their half pasts. At the end of each day, I will pick up a piece of folded paper with a time and try to remember what I was doing at that time the previous day, and what I think I will be doing at the same time in the future.

The purpose of this experiment is to become observant of how I spend my time, to be conscious of the moments.  I think this will prove to me a little or a lot of my ignorance. Not only of myself but of my surroundings.

If you try this experiment and wishes to share kindly write me via email or leave a comment and let me know how it went. Thank you.

Have a blast!


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