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I’m Ashleigh Hodges, a photographer and designer from Orinda, California. My label is Ashleigh Hodges Photo.  I work in my home studio while trying to keep up with my busy family of five. They include my children, Moriah, Elijah and Leilah and my ever supportive best friend and husband, Kevin. 
I am the daughter of a potter and a retired electrician who now creates wood and metal garden sculptures, the niece of a painter, and the granddaughter of a woman who created beautiful quilts. Along life’s path, I discovered photography!
My journey into the world of photography began over 30 years ago. I remember visiting San Diego Zoo when I was six and being mesmerized not by the beautiful animals but, by the shiny black camera my mom was using. How is it that she could capture our day in that little box and then have it printed for all to see?! By the time I was 14, I had my own "magic box," a 35mm Olympus camera. It was also at this time that my family began to travel abroad.  First, a three week journey to Europe (France, Great Britain and Italy) broadened my appreciation for other people and the ways in which they embrace life and those they hold dear.  It also gave me a newfound love of architecture.  A second Summer was spent in West Africa: Togo, Benin, and Senegal.  I just really loved the beauty of Africa and it’s people — the sights, sounds, smells, textures. I found that travel and photography went hand in hand so neatly together. I was hooked!  
While I continue to be inspired by travel, I am also inspired by the beauty of nature: flowers, vegetables and ocean life especially.   During the week, I work with 1st and 2nd grade students but,  on my days off, you will oftentimes find me wandering the stalls at the Ferry Building in San Francisco where they hold a weekly Farmers Market.   I really enjoy taking in the array of fruits and vegetables and their colors against the backdrop of the Bay Bridge.  Other days you might find me wandering off to one of our local beaches or botanical gardens.  There is much inspiration here in the Bay Area.  I try to see it with fresh eyes and not take it for granted. 
Currently, I sell my photography and gifts on Etsy.  
and, I’ve had the opportunity to present my work on as well.  I like to transform my photographs into items that can be used daily like affordable wall art, tote bags, pillows, stationery.   This year has been an exciting one of growth.  I am beginning to feel comfortable with social media.  I plan on taking the leap into blogging in the coming months!  Most recently,  I was selected to participate in the celebrity event, Mother’s Day in Hollywood 2014.  It is an event that celebrates 25 celebrity mothers and their young families.  Two of my prints were a part of the goodie bags the recipients received.  As a mom of three,  I couldn’t be more honored to be a part of something that celebrates Motherhood and Family!  It’s a wonderful marketing opportunity as well.  Plus, how exciting to know that my pieces were received by some of my favorite entertainers!   Over this next year,  I’d like to continue being curious and learning about social media and other marketing tools to build my brand.
If I were to take a snapshot of Ashleigh Hodges Photo in five years,  I think I will find myself sitting amongst the lavender in my flower garden with a steaming cup of chai tea in one hand and my passport in the other, preparing to leave on another travel adventure.  South Africa.   Malta.  Sevilla.  Perhaps, I should start planning now…
Thank you so much Ashleigh!
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Have a wonderful Tuesday
** All images were provided by Ashleigh.

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