Motivation: The Ordinary is Magical


*Listen to the sunset with your eyes. 
Smell the traffic, the movements (or dancing) of people and things about you, around you. 
Answer questions with questions. Let your face sing. It is okay to laugh for no reason, it is a wonderful song.
Breathe in the gift of being alive,
exhale fear.
Breathe in the beauty that's everywhere around you,
exhale impatience.
breathe in the magic that you are,
exhale self-doubt.
Notice the moment and live it.

Have a beautiful Monday.

* I didn't mean to write today, I wanted to groan and moan the whole day, but I noticed the sunrise, then how good my cup of tea was, then my lazy work-out was nice, and so I found myself humming to Gregory Porter's album "Water," then I felt compelled to write this just incase you too are finding yourself in the grasp of groans and moans.


  1. Really appreciate this as a mantra this morning.

    1. Nina, thank you. I was feeling silly for sharing that and now I am really glad. Please have a beautiful day.


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