Opinion: Analysis of Thoughts

I wrote an opinion yesterday then decided not to post it at the last minute. I'm saving it as a draft for now. The post is being held back on the condition that certain things ought to be shared and some not…until one knows enough to have the right to blast it out. 

After I had written that opinion, I realized that though I feel strongly about it, my experience on the matter is very limited hence my belief is based on what I have largely observed from a distance; a matter that I had not actually thoroughly experienced. Since it is a a sensitive subject that I am always cautious in discussing, I felt it best to keep my opinion to myself for now.

It seems necessary to be in one's own head, to be able to analyze one's thoughts. To be as truthful to oneself as one could and hence to ask oneself every now and then something like; "Hey! are you sure you know enough about that to be making so much noise about it?"These are things that I am working on. Thinking about not just what I am going to say but what I have said, and thinking about my thinking is often a good way to keep me self-aware.


  1. I know what you mean by this. There are posts I feel utterly compelled to write, and then, once they're written, I feel just as compelled to not share... at least not right now. I think it's partly an instinctive fear of airing potentially controversial views, but also partly the mature realization that some things are better not publicized until I've untangled them better -- either through more experience or more thinking.


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