Opinion: Predicting Good

Is it not something that a significant number of us are surprised by the good and least shocked by the bad? Perhaps, it is because some of us often envision bad things for ourselves. My shoes are sooo going to break; then they do. I'm sooo going to miss the train; then I do. What if I miss the train because I anticipated I would?

Every time I've foretold something bad, beneath it is a silent prayer that my bad prediction would not materialize; that I won't really miss the train. Yet I predict the bad all the same because I'm afraid if I believed otherwise and it did not materialize I'll be doubly disappointed.

After I saw The Secret about two months ago I became more conscious of my thoughts and I've been working more on predicting what I want rather than what I don't want. There are times when I do miss the train, but I make it on time all the same. Perhaps because I believed I would? I don't know. Most of my friends agree with the theory that we're powerless here. We're just being tossed about by "the system." I believe there is more to it…but then I also believe in God. I believe that it is not just all a coincidence. That positive thinking makes a difference. So what if we do have more power than we think? What if we're where we don't want to be in life because we've helped ourselves there? What if all we really have to do is work on predicting what we want, and believing that we will have it. We do have all this time here, would it hurt so much to dedicate some time to just believing in good things coming our way?



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