Grad School Diary: Bauhaus


In one of the best classes that I have yet taken -- my history of photography class in college -- I encountered László Maholy-Nagy's work for the first time and felt something that was beyond awe: the drama here is to emphasis how impressed I am by his work. I don't know much about him, though I feel certain that there is time enough to rectify that. I have since found Maholy-Nagy's work at MoMA and the Met and it has always brought me an immense feeling of satisfaction and inspiration.

So imagine my intensified interest in the Bauhaus movement when I found it linked to Maholy-Nagy. I have in the past admired the Bauhaus School's permanent exhibition in the architecture and design section of MoMA, but had not read on them. That their main goal was creating art through craft, by combining art mediums such as architecture, sculpture, and painting into functional and aesthetically advanced objects, is to me rather exciting. Especially now that I am of the mind that different forms of art do influence each other and mastery of several forms can help create something new, i.e., an original.



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