Grad School Diary: Back and Now

In high school, I was part of everything. My name that is. I registered for many, many clubs: just never showed up. In college, I didn't only join a ton of clubs, I also showed up a lot. Even when I was so uncomfortable and didn't want to be there. For instance, the first thing I joined was the school newspaper. I wanted to be like Elizabeth Wakefield from Sweet Valley High.  Don't ask. I soon realized that my mates at the newspaper typed like crazy, and they like knew stuff that I hadn't even smelled. While it took me a minute to search for letters on the keyboard to write a word, they would be on their third paragraph or so. Man. I was so shy and so embarrassed. I didn't know how to use Photoshop or inDesign back then, I was always on the verge of tears since I was a 'Layout Designer.' When I couldn't torture myself anymore I disappeared. I did stay for two semesters, though. The literary club I tried to join in Grad school brought back memories of my experience with my college newspaper. It was like there is this language and everyone in our little group understood but me. I wanted to say "Wait? Wait? What? Huh?" Then I thought man! Maybe grad school will be where I don't bother. My excuse is Brooklyn is too far away from Queens. The truth is I'm sadly not very interested.

Happy Thursday


  1. Ouf. I very rarely join anything because I hate that feeling of ostensibly belonging yet not being comfortable. Also I find many things best tackled or enjoyed solo, or with selected and sympathetic company. This is my introvert side coming out. :)

    1. Lisa! You've said it very well. It seemed that I had to go from extrovert to introvert to something between both to finally realize and accept that I am most happiest at the 'solo gig!' :)

    2. I've scored ambivert, extrovert (but very close to introvert), and introvert (but very close to extrovert) on these tests. I'm happiest when both sides are happy. :)


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