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There is  this fear that when I don't blog on Monday, I won't on Tuesday and before I realize it, I haven't blogged in years. So I try to keep blogging even when I don't have anything to blog about. It is the same with other things, like my fear of learning to bake. What if I become addicted and become one of those people that I've marveled over in movies who bake the heck out of every situation and eat it all until there is nothing for the ants? So these examples are the before a habit is formed. I am afraid of acquiring new bad habits because I already have a ton that I am already struggling with. Anyway, today is the first day of my second year in Grad school and I honestly don't wish to delve into my bad old habits and fear of new ones. I just had to write something here...

Happy Monday!


  1. I'm constantly working on my bad habits. Like right now, I'm struggling with working out every week. My goal is to do 3 workouts or more a week but it's always hard to get motivated. Sometimes I'll do 3 and then other weeks I won't do it at all. The crazy part is I always feel better after I workout.. so I don't know why I don't do something that makes me feel better every time I do it.

    1. It is funny you should say that, Ayla. This very morning, I couldn't bring myself to blog until you wrote the comment above then it motivated me. I had also been thinking about how much I didn't feel like working out, but again you've motivated me to just get it done. I will get to it after I sign off here. I do understand what you mean about working out. I think it is best to just not think of it and just do it. But you see, I too have that same problem as you. I hope we will be successful this week :)


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