Mawusi for My Asho Market!

So I've been sitting on some very exciting news for a few months now, and finally I get to share it with you. I made a few exclusive pieces for My Asho Market's Autumn/Winter 2013! This is a big, big, big deal for me and I'm over the moon that they would pick me to design for them!! (Thank you sooo much Dolapo!!) I'm still in a bit of shock actually. You did 'hear' me go on and on about my first wholesale and having to make so much, so you know that all the items they are selling under Mawusi for My Asho Market is handmade by me. And it is made with great care like the beautiful spice (Nonitse) Infinity scarf pictured below.
On the Etsy front I've been trying to add a clothing section to the shop, and the Koléki is my latest addition (there is also a ton of new items like the Sikili Fascinators). So far the Koléki has been in some very trendy Etsy treasuries, and made the Front Page this morning! Thanks so much Astrid. It has also been added by over a hundred people to their favorite list. All this in a matter of four days!

Finally, I did get out from under the rock that I've been living and created an email subscription list for Mawusi. Please join it to be notified of flash and secret sales, new items, newly added to the sale section, a monthly newsletter of Mawusi updates and much more!

As always, thank you so much for all your support. I sincerely appreciate all of it.
Happy Friday!

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