Poetry: Losing My Best Friend to Marriage by Jane Odartey


Losing my Best Friend to Marriage
                       After Mrs. Dalloway
We were sisters in light of youth’s desires.
Until marriage, the clown of sorts sliced us apart.
I played Sally to her Clarissa airs and
Conspired to be free of whining brats. 
We read Dante in daring melodies. 
Refused hats on Long walks, and
Ran in wind-filled corset-less gowns
Of  rebellion. Her Peter always present,
With love filled eyes promising wedded bliss.
Then came the day of Richard, with his roses
And his courtly ways to lure my friend away.
She took her trunks and bought whale bones,
Had parties to slay yawns and trade gossip,
So I went in search of a duke to love.


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