Personal Style: Handmade Lace Top and Silk Pants

See my new favorite pants! I discovered it in my closet a few weeks ago with the tag still attached. It's a hundred percent silk and a thousand percent comfortable.  She told me (the seller, of the lace top that is) that the blouse was handmade by her grandmother back when she was a young lady! The necklace and earrings I got from two cool handmade jewelry shops on Etsy. 

Royal blue and tan earrings - Local Color 
Multicolored necklace - Goodrun 
Bracelet - Mawusi
Lace top - The Gilded Arrow
Silk pants (btw they are long and straight. I hold them like so with a hair band) - Club Monaco
Canvas Shoes - T.JMaxx 

Have a beautiful last day in August and a wonderful weekend!


  1. You look and you are ado-ra-ble :) And that last photo is just so fun & charming !! how can anyone resist tht wink wink eye ? anyways,miss Mawusi - tomorrow you will get a shiny e-mail from me ! *promise*

    /le anynomous...

    1. Ahhh it is you! I thought it was, when I saw ado-ra-ble! Was it you that also commented on the Pinterest finds about creating great art? That read very much like you... but I am unsure because I keep thinking that some beautiful bench in some wonderful park is keeping you away from the internet and all the irresistible winking pictures of me ;) Yay! I anticipate your promised email in eagerness. Thank you.

  2. now i think i should have ordered a pair of these too (from local color)...hope you are doing well pretty lady and school is treating you fine:) x

    1. Chandra!! Oh it's not too late to get those earrings. They're a ton of fun :) Ahhh you remind me of school. I have to finish a book before my official first day which is the 9th...for some reason I was thinking it was the 10th... xx


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