Meet Kel of Addicted to Discovery (Blog)

 A little about yourself
My name is Kel. I am a wife, mother, and accessories designer trying to make the world around me a bit more lovely. 

 What is your blog’s story? 
I initially began blogging as "scrapbook" to document found images, quotes, and random thoughts in one centralized place. I was also in a long distance 
relationship with my husband (then boyfriend) and needed a place to document my swooning.
 What inspires you
I love refreshing my eyes and my mind, so I spend a lot of undocumented time offline. There is a lot of repetition online, so I need to break away from that environment to find newness and something that makes my want to create. For (r-ki-tekt), my accessories company, I am most inspired by color. I think you are able to see that clearly in the pieces. It tells a story or mood long before words can be spoken. Music is also one of my favorite sources of inspiration. I am very emo, so when I find an artist that speaks to me, I cling to them. 

 What is the aspiration of your blog?
Regardless of the turns my blog takes, I always want it to remain pure.  I want my readers to always be able to hear my tone of voice in every post, whether its a review or a Discovery piece.  I think since writing is a main portion of my blogs content, it is important to actually say something that my readers can connect with and will want to read. Especially in the age of scrolling and instant image gratification. 
I plan to do more DIY's both beauty and craft and expand the "Discovery" aspect of the blog. Based on the feedback that I have received, I think my readers really appreciate when I bring newness in Art, Beauty, or even facts about myself to the site. 

 What makes your blog different from all the ones out there
Other than having my voice attached to it, I think that there is a sincerity to my blog. My sole focus is not to plug or gain endorsements like many blogs created today. While it is fantastic that bloggers are able to create substantial careers from what was once a hobby is something that I admire a great deal, 
I have chosen to keep it free from product reviews that are unauthentic for the sake of creating buzz or monetary gain. Until I have the time and resources to built a bigger platform, I think keeping it wholesome, honest and about the real life that I live is the route I'd prefer to travel. 

 What do you know now about blogging that you wish you knew earlier?
Looking back at earlier post, I wish I knew the importance of original content and how to create it. In my earlier years, it was very much a copy & paste posting schedule, which of course leads to 5 posts a day that look just like 10 other blogs.  I now know that quality over quantity is more tasteful for this particular platform.

Where can we stalk you?
Twitter: @kelcadet@shoprkitekt
Facebook: Rkitektkc 
Thank you so much, Kel! I am a big fan of Addicted to Discovery.  Visit Kel there and you will know why.
Have a beautiful Tuesday.


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