Personal Style: Bug Eyes

I shot this on the fourth of July. I assumed that most people would have better things to do than frequent that little park. I was right for a few seconds. Things became awkward when this man comes to perch on one of the concrete benches right after the woman he was walking with yells at him and leaves. He then lit a cigarette and watched me shoot. I was disgusted but determined not to stop just because of him.  He was joined by an entire family who squeezed into a bench and focused all their eyes on me. That made him leave, but that also did it for me.
The family was more amusing than annoying but I felt very uncomfortable so I packed up.
It seems that something interesting always happen when I dare to shoot outside.

sunglasses - lala and sasi
earrings - Mimok
necklace - I made it!
bracelets - Mawusi :p
tank top - Forever 21(many seasons past)
pants - Daffy's >:)
bag - Marshalls
shoes - TJMaxx

Have a beautiful weekend!


  1. My goodness Jane!
    It's impossible not to shoot eyes on you!
    Outstanding look!
    I specially love your shoes...ahhh look so comfortable, and this is very important!
    Oh and you must put this necklace on your shop. Real piece of art :-)
    Sunglasses are super cool..reminds me a vintage video game
    You've got the look Jane, like a top model!

    1. Awww thank you, Cecilia! I am so glad you like the look. And thank you for the beautiful jewelry. I will be back to buy more soon :)


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