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A little about yourself
I'm Astrid and I live in San Francisco, California near the beach in a national park. I love living in a part of the city where I am surrounded by nature, and only a stone thrown away from everything San Francisco has to offer.

I've always been crafty and I come from a long line of makers and creators. My mom surrounded us, much as I do today, with all the supplies one could ever need to make just about anything. That instilled in me a "can do" attitude and helped fuel my creative desires. If at a young age, I needed something for my dollhouse, well then, I just made it. As a teenager, when I wanted a new outfit or saw something in a fashion magazine beyond my adolescent reach, I consulted my mom, and we made it happen. I became interested in jewelry, much like any little girl might- peering into the jewelry box my mother had and dreaming of the day when I could wear such treasures.

What is your Craft story? 
Little kids emulate their parents, so I would create what I could out of wood, clay, and beads to adorn myself. This came in handy when I was a teenager and started to experiment with different ways to assert my individuality in a relatively inexpensive way. Along with other art classes I would take, I was fortunate to have as an art teacher in high school, a protege of the Pacific Northwest jeweler- Ramona Solberg; Ron Ho. He was an amazing inspiration then and today. All along my adult life, as I've been in school studying Medical and Cultural Anthropology, Art, Counseling Psychology, Expressive Art Therapy, Human and Child Development ect.. 
I have kept a close connection to my creative side, making things just as in my youth. Jewelry has always been a constant- whether it be focused in ceramics, glass, or metal. When I started a full time job and then a family, I needed to rethink how I would be able to make things. Right now my time is so limited, it's only in the evenings that I can truly create, which is how I stumbled into embroidery. Of course I had embroidered as a kid with my mom, but it wasn't until I had to find something quiet and still, with no loud, potentially hazardous tools involved that I combined my jewelry making with textiles and embroidery. The rest is history!

How did you come to be on Etsy, do you sell anywhere else or would you like to?
I've been involved in craft fairs and selling my jewelry to local boutiques for years, but recently hadn't been able to collect a large enough inventory to participate anymore. A mother of my coworker sells on Etsy, and as I had been buying from Etsy for years, it just took some advice and encouragement to get me started. Once I had a few pieces up, I was so inspired to keep going, and now it's something I can't imagine not doing! Now I sell in a few local shops, a few times a year at fairs, and online for a few flash sale sites. It's amazing what Etsy has allowed me to do. But most importantly, it's provided me with a community of like mined people, that support one another- it is so awesome!

What inspires you?
People truly inspire me. I am fascinated by people, different cultures and then how they interpret the world they live in. They interest me on so many levels, one being how they dress and adorn themselves. Of course, this leads to jewelry and for me, I just love it! I am inspired by the beauty of nature from the tiny microscopic bits to the large expansive macrocosmic- the ocean and the night sky!!!! AHHHHH! 

What makes your work special and different from others?
Textiles and embroidery have traditionally been relegated to particular "folk" styles, which I just love. But, I think what sets my jewelry apart is that I am combining this traditional material with a modern geometric design and color set. I am also taking that attitude from childhood and applying it to what shape of jewelry I create. If I am inspired by anything, be it the swirl of a shell, Pantone's color of the year; emerald, rocks, or an African textile- I know I can take an idea, sketch it out, and transform it into a soft, wearable piece of jewelry, with just my own two hands, in the quiet evening while my little one sleeps! 
Thank you so much for taking the time to read my story and visit my shop! Much love to you, Jane for featuring me on your blog!

Now go on and visit Astrid at her shop on Etsy!


  1. Fantastic post! Thank you, I love Astrid's work and style


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