Personal Style: Dear, Dear Overalls

Pondering what to wear to school, I saw Chandra in her overalls and thought that was a great answer. Love this overalls; had a pair in khaki too, but it got awfully stained and I had to say farewell... I've had them forever...or almost forever -- so many memories. See my sweet and fun new necklace from An Astrid Endeavor. I love that it is not fixed into place and I can therefore play with it and wear it anyhow I wish. In the last photo, my new school bag - which I absolutely adore, sits on top of my head. I stumbled upon her in Marshalls for $24.99 ^_^

Knit Top and Canvas shoes - H&M
Overalls - Gift 
Necklace - An Astrid Endeavor 
Bracelet and Hair Piece - Mawusi 
Bag - Marshalls

Have a beautiful weekend!


  1. Oh God, I tried to be a bit modern and write a comment from my iphone but it just got stuck and now I'm full of crazy mad A N G E R :P so I'm writing from el computer instead.
    Anyways what I wanted to say was : YO YO you're a cool cat Jane ! You look soo amazing, makes me want to doodle you even.
    I'll write to you soooonish :)


    you know who (and if you don't-you should be able to tell based on my spelling mistakes :P )

    1. Of course I know it's you! I think I assumed it's you the moment I saw 'Anonymous' and by the time I got to 'mad anger' I was certain, then at 'doodle,' you confirmed :) Thank you. Glad you like it. So many stories. Going to tell you one :)

  2. you rock a pair of overalls like nobody's business! and i agree with are one cool cat!


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