Grad School Diary: How Research Papers Begin


On Monday I went to bed ridiculously early. I do this sometimes when I am feeling  meh. Around midnight I woke up and couldn't sleep. As I listened to the loud traffic outside: which I actually like - my apartment being right next to the highway - I realized with a start that my paper proposals were due next week and that I was still uncertain what to  write about. Nor had I done any great research!

This threw me off balance so I started panicking. I got out of bed -- it would be impossible to sleep in that state of mind, even have a few new pimples to show for the stress. I had to make some changes. The first thing I did was to log off of Facebook so it's not always in my face - stalking is now postponed.  I also had to work out a way to minimize my obsession with Mawusi. You might be surprised how much time I spend on that little shop. Also, I got rid of my laundry. It had been sitting there for weeks.  Then I had to make sure everything was well organized, including my closet. This may sound weird, but I often have strong urges to clean and sort out my closet when I am writing a paper; hence it is important to remove all distractions. I have picked the topics which I find exciting to write on. And I've started writing yesterday. As everything is due today's week. I think I will pull it off.

Why am I here? I think I can handle blogging and working on a paper.  It is not as big of a distraction as the shop, or a messy room.  But if it becomes a distraction, I will cease to be here until it is all over. How do you get ready for a paper?


  1. I hope you get everything done!!! Writing papers are so stressful. I'm sure you'll get it all done with no problems! Just look forward to the semester ending soon.

    1. Yes, Ayla! I can't wait for summer vacation. Just the thought and I break out in happiness :D And I will have more time to read and comment on your thoughtful posts. Thank you.


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