Opinion: Twirling Around Successful Friends

So you meet your old mate with whom you started things way back in the giggling days of yore not bore. And at one point you secretly believed that you were going to swing the success stick before they do. But then at this meeting, they seem to be on top. They have done some of the big things on your life's to-do list. Things that you are still scratching your head about. Then comes a prick: a bit painful, a bit ugly, and a little whiny song with lyrics like; 'Why hasn't any of these happened for me? Not fair!' 

Mate, it is alright. You are allowed to feel envy every now and then. Here are somethings that I like to think about at this time:
1. Despite the muddles, are you happy? (The answer should be yes. Find ways to be happy. You owe this to yourself. Happiness is not expensive.)
2. Where are you coming from and how far have you come?
3. Do you really want their life? Like really? Do you want to do the things they do? Like wake up at dawn and work in a gray cubicle or wear "professional clothing?" (I abhor cubicles. Even the word makes me sweat.)
4. Are you doing what you need to do to get to where you want to be? If not, then start, you! If yes, then high-five mate! You IS going to be great in your own time. Everyone's got their time. Your's will come. 

Now it is good to be asking oneself these questions often so that the answers are already grooving to their own jazz in your head. So when you meet these people who seem to be sitting in the greener grass; you will be ready to be truly laughing with them. Don't forget, it is a great thing when your friends are doing well. It does not only mean that you know people who might link you here and there if it tickles their fancy, and also crush on sofas here and there if need be——but it also means that you are surrounded by people who are putting the right foot forward. This is often infectious. You could always learn a thing or two from them.  They could and often inspire you to dare and fly on those broomsticks.

It is good to remember that everyone's definition of success is different. Your friends may not even think themselves successful, believe it or not they may actually think that you have it good, and won't mind giving up what they have for what you've got! Gasp!? I know. We as people are just plain weird. Thank goodness.

There is a price for everything, and perhaps what they had to do to get to where they are is too high a price for you. The other thing is to understand that if you were them, you would want you to be happy for them. So do see it as they see it and dance with them to their happy tune instead of the whinny silly tantrum. 

Happy Monday!


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