Opinion: Relationships and Facebook

Oh I am sure you have a story, whether or not you are on Facebook. I hear so many stories that are sad and sometimes really funny. I am sharing mine today!

Long before we became lovey-dovey, namrA and I were MySpace buddies. Then he pissed me off and I deleted him from my friends' list, and deactivated my account. We had a dramatic fight and didn't see each other for years. Then we became friends again, and 'naturally' became Facebook friends as well.  Until he pissed me off again, and I deleted him from my Facebook friends' list too. Yes, I am one those people who delete you from their friends' list when  you piss them off.

Somewhere along the line, we started going out, but we never became friends on Facebook again. In our first year, I didn't even have it stated on my page that I was in a relationship. I later did only to discourage certain attention. Though it states now that 'I am in a relationship,' it doesn't state who with, nor links to anybody. namrA doesn't even have it stated that he is in a relationship. I suppose this is so that he can flirt with all of his Facebook sweethearts >:). This doesn't concern me. If he doesn't want to be with me, I am sure he will let me know. And if I didn't trust him, I wouldn't be in a relationship with him.

For sometime now, some of my friends have wondered if I am actually in a relationship. Some can't believe that namrA and I are not Fb friends. Once a guy said to me; 'He is alright with that? I can't believe he is alright with that.' The other thing is that namrA and I are not friends with each others friends. So someday, if namrA and I decide to split, I won't even have to put on the famous happy pretense for his friends. Nor do I have to remove them from my friends' list.

Personally, I think Facebook is a lot more dangerous to relationship than it is of any help. It does weird things to trust. Partners start asking stupid questions like, "why is that guy ALWAYS commenting on your pictures, babe?" And you may reply with "this is ridiculous! I can't believe you just asked me that! Forget you. This relationship is soooo over!!" And they may reply with; "I knew it! You filthy cheating female dog." And so on and so forth.

Happy Monday!


  1. I used to un-friend people on facebook all the time! haha Thank God for that unfollow buttown
    I know a husband and wife who used to not be friends on FB, I think this has changed now but I completely understand the thinking. I've never posted any relationship info on my profile. No pictures or anything like that. It's a little uncomfortable to see FB friends removing pictures and all of that at the end of a relationship. Don't want that to be me.

    1. Oh I know what you mean. Now I just hide those people. Unless I really feel they have to go >:)
      I never thought of the removing of pictures. Recently, I don't find any reason to post pictures, except my obsession with updating profile pictures. I don't even remember how things were before Fb anymore :(

  2. I unfriend people I don't like too! Primarily because I don't feel they need to be in my life and I don't really need to see theirs. That being said I have drastically reduce my participation on facebook. I only post things related to my shop and I don't post personal things. My boyfriend hasn't been on facebook for years. He created an account and they deactivated it. He uses my account to view people and stuff. It never really created issues with us when he did have his account.

  3. I AGREEEEEE! Why must you suffer people you don't even like! Ah, I am trying to reduce participation but it is so hard. I try, though Ayla, I try. I suppose it is the trust thing. I suppose Fb is only an issue when trust is weak.


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