Opinion: Make a Fool of Yourself Often

This is going to be bumpy because when I thought, a few seconds ago, about what to write, the idea of allowing our foolish actions to not overwhelm us came out of the hat.  What do I mean by being a fool often? Sometime along the lines of tears and laughter it dawned on me that I am only an insignificant little dim wit. This sounds harsh and depressing but weirdly enough it is the pool from which my self-confidence laughs madly, hopping about on one foot in a fuchsia tutu skirt.

From Etsy: Hideminy
You live, you die. That is it. Everything since birth is a process leading to an end. Accept this as soon as you can, it makes things better. I am a fool because I am human. I find certain things that  others think stupid and silly, adorable. I break my heart over things that are not worth hurting over, I panic about things that I have ZERO control over; i.e. everything. I am insignificant because I am as unique as the next human being. We are all very unique and therefore no one is more special. One of the biggest things that pauses us in our steps of life is the fear of appearing a fool. No matter how many times I have said the wrong things, no matter how many times I stumble and fall, no matter how many times I spell things so very wrong, no matter how many times I stopped laughing to realize that no one else is laughing, the feeling of foolishness is still exceedingly unkind. But the bite softens when you look at it through another light: the more I accept that foolishness is human, that it is a natural  feeling I share with the rest of humankind, the more I am confident that my foolishness is relatable, and therefore, not worth stressing about. This gives me courage to make bolder decisions, like open an accessories shop.

Knowing this, I can get out of the house wearing my favorite, though ridiculous pink flowery leggings which I got from the children's clearance section. But I wear it with the dread of running into a rude little girl, who wearing the same thing, would stop and point, shouting for the world to hear "Hey! You!! What are you doing wearing my leggings?"  My answer, for if and when I should run into this brat is " I love pink and floral! Mine is mine, and yours is your parents'!" This scenario is to take place when her parents are not around, but what if they are...

Happy Happy Monday!


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    1. Thank you, Nina!! I wish you would tell me why though :)

    2. Hehe because it's true! This is very good advice. There have been plenty of things I've stopped myself from doing because I didn't want to look our sound foolish around others.

    3. Ditto! ^_^ I've stopped looking at other people for reactions. Let others be smart if they wish, and that in itself is foolishness because nobody can be all-round super smart. So it is like being humble enough to accept your humanity then letting yourself be.


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