Meet Liz of Liz Kapiloto on Etsy

Meet Liz, the outstanding artist behind the beautiful 
illustrated art works at Lizkapiloto

Your name and where you live  
My name is Liz Kapiloto and I live in Tel-Aviv, Israel 

What is your craft story? 
I create illustrations and jewelries that are based on a unique style I have developed. I Successfully graduated my studies in visual communications and received my degree in 2007. Then, I joined one of the most successful and world well-known brands “Michal Negrin”, where I worked as a senior graphic design manager in the fashion department. After 5 years I decided to achieve my dream and establish my own brand.

How did you come to be on Etsy, do you sell anywhere else or would you like to?
Art was always a great passion in my life. As a little girl I was attracted to art, I remember myself having a small notebook with me and drawing anything I could see around me. As I grow, I became “addicted” to visual media, magazines, art books and galleries.
While searching for new ideas and insparations I found Etsy and with the time I started my own shop on Etsy. 
My artworks sells on a very popular site in Israel and I am always looking for new opportunities.

What inspires you?
I'm inspired by gothic elements, Japanese art, modern artist, classic paintings, the fashion world and more. My work is based on combinations of different mediums of art such as ink, paper cuts, watercolours, acrylic and many others.

What makes your work special and different from all others
During the time I collected paintings of artist I admire, artwork from different times and different streams of art, textile, interesting images, paper cuts and many other materials that I came across. Together with my 4 years of design studies and my trip to the Far East, I have created my own unique style of art that is very different from others. 


  1. Wonderful! I love your work!!!
    Thanks so much for sharing!


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