Meet Joana of Trincar Uvas on Etsy

This is one of my favorite Handmade jewelry shops on Etsy! Joana Pedroso is as awesome as her shop! So it is my pleasure to introduce to you the über talented woman behind Trincar Uvas!

Hi there! My name is Joana and I am a 28 year old girl who grew up in a little village on the coast of Portugal. At the moment I am living in the Netherlands, sharing a home and workplace with my lovely boyfriend. Somedays I work as a paper restorer in a big archive and on others days I give room to my creativity with Trincar Uvas - that's the name I chose to give to my jewelry creations - it means 'to bite grapes' in Portuguese, one of my favorite things to do.

I started creating jewelry about three years ago. To be honest I don't really remember why, I just started and it felt great so I never stopped. 

I opened my etsy shop a bit more than a year ago - I've been a client on etsy for a long time and it just felt like the right place to be a part of. It really is more than just a market place, there is a sense of community and I really appreciate that. I also sell my work offline in a shop in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Truckee in California and most recently Gijon, Spain. Although it's just awesome to have my work available in these different places, I do love the most the whole process of selling online: I love wrapping my work, writing a personal note,  packing each order and finally going to the post office. I truly enjoy this contact with the people that are going to wear my work!

I am most inspired by materials - I love all the different colors, textures, shapes and even histories that I can use to create something new. I am also continually inspired by tribal jewelry - I love the boldness, the colors and the materials but mostly I love what it represents to me - a certain purity and rawness of the desire to decorate oneself. My jewelry work keeps me motivated to continue and allows me to express a part of myself but I have many other ideas bubbling in my head and hopefully soon they will start coming out!

Thank you for reading. See Joana's beautiful jewelry shop; Trincar Uvas on Etsy!


  1. Lovely work! And her studio is charming, I've always dreamed of a place like that to work in.


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