Meet Aga of Aga Farrell on Etsy

Meet Aga, the cool artist behind the stunning photography shop, AgaFarrell!

My name is Aga Farrell.  I run the photography shop AgaFarrell on Etsy. I come from Poland, a beautiful country situated in central Europe that has plenty of inspirational eye-catching subjects.
I also spend a lot of time in my husband’s homeland of Scotland, which is equally blessed with incredible landscapes.
I have been running a shop on Etsy for a year.  My work is exclusively available to buy there, as I find it offers the best platform to showcase my art. I do however take part in small local craft fairs which bring in a few sales and I have also been blessed enough to be exhibited in some international galleries.
Being creative is a form of meditation for me. Capturing fragments of reality and passing moments makes me aware of the beauty and mystery of everyday life. Another important aspect of my artwork is to try to illustrate the melancholic story behind commonplace.
I love the melancholy of rainy days, a bird sitting lonely on a branch or a fisherman’s boat moored on the coast. I search for a hint of beauty in these familiar scenes and when I find that glimmer I start to see the final image taking shape in my mind.
I  love the warm feeling I get inside when someone takes a few moments out of their day to have a peek at my pics. I like to think of my photography as a small window into my world, where people can observe what I have experienced and get a sense of what captures my imagination. I am delighted to have been given this opportunity to share a few thoughts with you!
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