Grad School Diary: On the Matter of Learning

Abstract Work 

Every time I am on the verge of thinking 'Ah-Ha! That is it! I get it.' It becomes oh, this is a good answer but it could also be.... So down and up we go again and again looking for what is what. That final is of an it.

Sometime in my Mysticism class last week, my Prof. said something along the lines that translate to there being a 'limit to learning.' I kept wondering about it for the rest of the class, and all the way home on the trains from Brooklyn to Queens. But then I think what he means is that there is a limit to the question of what's and how's and who's and why's when it comes to believing in something that one can not put under a microscope ie God and such.

And yet, I wonder if there is a limit to learning in itself; even when it does not 'puff out' into religion. Can one learn something new forever if one should live forever?


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