Broadway Play Review - Ann

Do you call a play, a Broadway play, when it is not in the theater district? Ann is playing at The Vivian Beaumont at Lincoln Center, on 65th Street between Broadway and Amsterdam. Took me some circling around to find: I kept thinking I must have gotten the wrong address. Today is actually the last preview day. It opens tomorrow.

Written by Holland Taylor and Directed by Benjamin Endsley Klein, Ann (Holland Taylor) is a one character cast play. And you are right, the actor is is also the author! The play is about Governor Ann Richards, the second female governor of Texas. She served only a single term: lost to Gorge W. Bush in her re-election for a second term in office.

Honestly, I am not a big fan of single cast anything, except stand-up comedy. I am also not at all into politics. I was, therefore, very ready to open the yawning gate, curl up as nice as I could, and watch everything through slanted eyes. But Taylor is pretty charming and very funny. As soon as I made this realization I sat up. She gets even funnier when she sits in her governor chair and tries to make things happen. At one moment she is yelling at people on the phone, at the next moment she is sewing together a tear in the flag in her office. At another moment she is being a mother on the phone to her children, or a grandmother to her granddaughter.

It is a good play. Taylor is entertaining to watch and pretty believable. My friend didn't like the play. He thought it was monotoned, and could have been more entertaining. I disagree: It didn't knock me to sleep. And I did find myself laughing every now and then. Now, would I pay to see it? I believe not. Unless I have real good money. Tickets start at $75.00


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