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Grad School Diary: Ramble, Ramble, Rambling

I thought about posting an entry yesterday and everything in me said bah! So I went and made myself a huge meal and gorged on berries, then went to the city to return all the borrowed books which I never read, and which have accumulated fines because I couldn't be bothered to renew them or return them. I am here now because listening to the Beatles is one of my motivational drugs. In case I have forgotten to mention; I am suffering a little. I am in the flapping wings of the mood swings. The arghs roll-out a-plenty when I must get out of bed. Fun equals sitting on the window sill and looking, loving the moon for hours. I can count how many actual words I have said to anyone since Wednesday. It feels like I am at the junction of life sucks and life is awesome. It is mostly that I am having dinner with fear. Let myself be drawn by her seduction. Letting her words feed the goose crawling under my skin, while she pets my head. What if everything I am doing, everything I have been doi…

Meet Joana of Trincar Uvas on Etsy

This is one of my favorite Handmade jewelry shops on Etsy! Joana Pedroso is as awesome as her shop! So it is my pleasure to introduce to you the über talented woman behind Trincar Uvas!

Hi there! My name is Joana and I am a 28 year old girl who grew up in a little village on the coast of Portugal. At the moment I am living in the Netherlands, sharing a home and workplace with my lovely boyfriend. Somedays I work as a paper restorer in a big archive and on others days I give room to my creativity with Trincar Uvas - that's the name I chose to give to my jewelry creations - it means 'to bite grapes' in Portuguese, one of my favorite things to do.

I started creating jewelry about three years ago. To be honest I don't really remember why, I just started and it felt great so I never stopped. 

I opened my etsy shop a bit more than a year ago - I've been a client on etsy for a long time and it just felt like the right place to be a part of. It really is more than just a mark…

Opinion: Make a Fool of Yourself Often

This is going to be bumpy because when I thought, a few seconds ago, about what to write, the idea of allowing our foolish actions to not overwhelm us came out of the hat.  What do I mean by being a fool often? Sometime along the lines of tears and laughter it dawned on me that I am only an insignificant little dim wit. This sounds harsh and depressing but weirdly enough it is the pool from which my self-confidence laughs madly, hopping about on one foot in a fuchsia tutu skirt.

You live, you die. That is it. Everything since birth is a process leading to an end. Accept this as soon as you can, it makes things better. I am a fool because I am human. I find certain things that  others think stupid and silly, adorable. I break my heart over things that are not worth hurting over, I panic about things that I have ZERO control over; i.e. everything. I am insignificant because I am as unique as the next human being. We are all very unique and therefore no one is more special. One of the b…

Broadway Play Review - Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike

This is the funniest of all the plays I have seen this year. Playing at The Golden Theater on 245 West 45th Street is Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike. Written by Christopher Durang and directed by Nicholas Martin. If you are up on your game with Chekov, this play will be probably funnier to you, but if you are like me, and are yet to begin the famous short stories, there is plenty of pop culture references that you might get; there is some Lindsey Lohan, Disney's Snow White, Angelina Jolie and there is this continuous mockery of Entourage, that HBO series.

The setting is the present time in a stunning farmhouse in Bucks County, Philadelphia with views to die for, or so we are asked to believe. The stage is a masterpiece. I would live there if they would let me. The story is about three siblings: Vanya (David Hyde Pierce), the recent out of the closet brother. Sonia (Kristine Nielson)——Oh she is sooo funny—— the adopted daughter who might be bipolar, and who kept claiming that…

Meet Aga of Aga Farrell on Etsy

Meet Aga, the cool artist behind the stunning photography shop, AgaFarrell!
My name is Aga Farrell.  I run the photography shop AgaFarrell on Etsy. I come from Poland, a beautiful country situated in central Europe that has plenty of inspirational eye-catching subjects. I also spend a lot of time in my husband’s homeland of Scotland, which is equally blessed with incredible landscapes.
I have been running a shop on Etsy for a year.  My work is exclusively available to buy there, as I find it offers the best platform to showcase my art. I do however take part in small local craft fairs which bring in a few sales and I have also been blessed enough to be exhibited in some international galleries. Being creative is a form of meditation for me. Capturing fragments of reality and passing moments makes me aware of the beauty and mystery of everyday life. Another important aspect of my artwork is to try to illustrate the melancholic story behind commonplace. I love the melancholy of rainy days, a…

Opinion: Twirling Around Successful Friends

So you meet your old mate with whom you started things way back in the giggling days of yore not bore. And at one point you secretly believed that you were going to swing the success stick before they do. But then at this meeting, they seem to be on top. They have done some of the big things on your life's to-do list. Things that you are still scratching your head about. Then comes a prick: a bit painful, a bit ugly, and a little whiny song with lyrics like; 'Why hasn't any of these happened for me? Not fair!' 

Mate, it is alright. You are allowed to feel envy every now and then. Here are somethings that I like to think about at this time: 1. Despite the muddles, are you happy? (The answer should be yes. Find ways to be happy. You owe this to yourself. Happiness is not expensive.) 2. Where are you coming from and how far have you come? 3. Do you really want their life? Like really? Do you want to do the things they do? Like wake up at dawn and work in a gray cubicle o…

Grad School Diary: On the Matter of Learning

Every time I am on the verge of thinking 'Ah-Ha! That is it! I get it.' It becomes oh, this is a good answer but it could also be.... So down and up we go again and again looking for what is what. That final is of an it.

Sometime in my Mysticism class last week, my Prof. said something along the lines that translate to there being a 'limit to learning.' I kept wondering about it for the rest of the class, and all the way home on the trains from Brooklyn to Queens. But then I think what he means is that there is a limit to the question of what's and how's and who's and why's when it comes to believing in something that one can not put under a microscope ie God and such.

And yet, I wonder if there is a limit to learning in itself; even when it does not 'puff out' into religion. Can one learn something new forever if one should live forever?

Off Broadway Play Review - Luck of the Irish

Written by Kirsten Greenidge and directed by Rebecca Taichman, Luck of the Irish  played at the Lincoln Center Theater. I saw it on the 6th; four days before it ended.  I contemplated reviewing it and here I am with my decision.

The stage was an interesting blue print display with props of a small park which became a backyard and sometimes a different setting altogether. What I enjoyed most was the educational aspects of the story. Previous to the play I had not heard of the term ghost buying. A phrase which applied to an indirect form of purchasing real estate.  People of color were forced to use this method of acquiring a home because it was illegal for them to buy property.  What transpired was that when a black American family wanted, and was ready to purchase a home, they would approach a caucasian American to buy the property and in turn transfer it over to them. Imagine that!

The story is about an American couple of African descent in the 1950's: Lucy and Rex Taylor (Eisa …

Meet Liz of Liz Kapiloto on Etsy

Meet Liz, the outstanding artist behind the beautiful  illustrated art works at Lizkapiloto

Your name and where you live My name is Liz Kapiloto and I live in Tel-Aviv, Israel 

What is your craft story? I create illustrations and jewelries that are based on a unique style I have developed. I Successfully graduated my studies in visual communications and received my degree in 2007. Then, I joined one of the most successful and world well-known brands “Michal Negrin”, where I worked as a senior graphic design manager in the fashion department. After 5 years I decided to achieve my dream and establish my own brand.

How did you come to be on Etsy, do you sell anywhere else or would you like to? Art was always a great passion in my life. As a little girl I was attracted to art, I remember myself having a small notebook with me and drawing anything I could see around me. As I grow, I became “addicted” to visual media, magazines, art books and galleries. While searching for new ideas and insparatio…

Opinion: Relationships and Facebook

Oh I am sure you have a story, whether or not you are on Facebook. I hear so many stories that are sad and sometimes really funny. I am sharing mine today!

Long before we became lovey-dovey, namrA and I were MySpace buddies. Then he pissed me off and I deleted him from my friends' list, and deactivated my account. We had a dramatic fight and didn't see each other for years. Then we became friends again, and 'naturally' became Facebook friends as well.  Until he pissed me off again, and I deleted him from my Facebook friends' list too. Yes, I am one those people who delete you from their friends' list when  you piss them off.

Somewhere along the line, we started going out, but we never became friends on Facebook again. In our first year, I didn't even have it stated on my page that I was in a relationship. I later did only to discourage certain attention. Though it states now that 'I am in a relationship,' it doesn't state who with, nor links to…

Grad School Diary: What I Wanted, What I Got...

If you put numbers in front of me, I blackout.  I start forming words that are meaningless.  I freakout and get really anxious.  This is funny because back in the days, the primary days, I loved math. Sometime along the way, it started feeling boring.  To do what one finds boring is often tedious. This is the underlining of my inability to think 'Math' without 'Noooo!'

Yet, in college the plan was to get a business degree. Oh how miserable I was. I bit things. I was not very nice, and day-dreamed in my classes or dozed off.  Eventually, someone talked me into majoring in English. Then I started taking poetry classes, but before the English classes, I was taking photography classes to stay sane. This  felt wicked. Who in their right mind took photography classes in college? Especially when you are coming from nada, and trying not to end up in nada.

After college, I wanted to get into an MFA program. I wanted to know Poetry: I am in-love with it; writing it, reading it,…

Broadway Play Review - Ann

Do you call a play, a Broadway play, when it is not in the theater district? Ann is playing at The Vivian Beaumont at Lincoln Center, on 65th Street between Broadway and Amsterdam. Took me some circling around to find: I kept thinking I must have gotten the wrong address. Today is actually the last preview day. It opens tomorrow.

Written by Holland Taylor and Directed by Benjamin Endsley Klein, Ann (Holland Taylor) is a one character cast play. And you are right, the actor is is also the author! The play is about Governor Ann Richards, the second female governor of Texas. She served only a single term: lost to Gorge W. Bush in her re-election for a second term in office.

Honestly, I am not a big fan of single cast anything, except stand-up comedy. I am also not at all into politics. I was, therefore, very ready to open the yawning gate, curl up as nice as I could, and watch everything through slanted eyes. But Taylor is pretty charming and very funny. As soon as I made this realizati…

Personal Style: Add Funk to Gray

Pink Scarf: H&M Gray Dress: Old Navy  Necklace & Bracelets: Mawusi (Necklace - coming soon) Velvet Skirt: Sears Sweater: Daffys Flowery Gray Transparent Tights: Forever 21 Pink Tights: Marshalls Converse: Marshalls