Grad School Diary: Oh the Joys of Literature!

A while back I wrote about my anxiety on the upcoming semester. Part of my worry was that I would be bored out of my senses. What is Grad school if it offers no challenges? I was desiring something new. Something that will get me thinking a little differently, and oh mine did I land in it?!

My two classes are extremely challenging. Who would have thought there would be so much seriousness in a Classical Comedy class? I have read Aristophanes Plutus, Plautus Menaechmi and also his Amphitryo, and Terence's The Eunuch. So far my favorite is Plautus Amphityo. I might write a short review on them if it strikes my fancy.

On the Mysticism class, my mind has been tinkling. I don't think I have had to pay as much attention to a piece of writing as I have done with Augustine's On Genesis (just the book 12), and Pseudo-Dionysius' Divine Names and Mystical Theology. I find myself re-reading the same pages for the umpteenth time and coming up with the same 'what the heck?'


  1. I think its great that you are enjoying your course work!! =}



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