Stupid Cotton Swabs!

Yes, I am a bit late today. I am allowed to do this because it is only my blog and surely I am my biggest reader! However, I want to share why. A few days ago––two months, says my boyfriend who is better with numbers than I'm––I was poking my ears with a cotton swab in an attempt to clean it. The swab stick came back without the cotton tuft at the end. I tried to get it out with a hair pin and when my attempts were unsuccessful, ignored it. It felt uncomfortable for a bit, but I could be stubborn too, so I just kept ignoring it. Then my friend told me about her recent pains going to some earwax situation and I thought I would finally go to the hospital, but I, of course, did not. I told my boyfriend and he gave me "a look" but didn't attempt to get me to do anything. I think he knew it would be useless.

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On Saturday, I was talking to Mother and let it slipped that I had a little ball of cotton stuck in my ear. The woman went psycho on me. "What?!" She asked angrily "Why haven't you gotten it removed? What are you waiting for? How long has it been in there? You better get it out tomorrow!" Man, Mother knows how to get it going. I told her it's only been in there a few days and because the next day was Sunday I managed to convince her I will get it done on Monday. But then Monday was MLK Day and Obama's Second sworn in, so I promised to do it today! And that's why I was in the emergency room with a ball of yarn and a book of poetry this morning. It takes forever in there. This is the real reason I hate going to the hospital, it takes too long! I crocheted a bit and read a bit so the wait was pleasant.

So this is why I am late to posting today. I hope your day was much more interesting. Tomorrow, I will tell you about my first time at the opera! Until then, later mates!


  1. Haha! I'm sitting here with a makeshift thumb wrap because I'm resisting going to the ER to check if my thumb is fractured. Haven't told my parents b/c I really don't want to hear them talk about my lack of health insurance, etc.

  2. OUCH! Hope you are alright. I was in that situation for a bit, but then I got back onto my Ma's insurance. I would keep it from my parent too. I am learning to shut up. Ah, I really hope you are alright, Nina. Are you sure you don't qualify for medicare or something?

    1. yeah im sure i qualify for medicaid just being too lazy to sign up. I went ahead and went to the ER for my thumb (it's okay) & applied for charity care.

    2. Ah! I get it. It looks like we have some things in common, Nina. Believe me, I have done this too: the too lazy to apply for insurance thing. Until I got tired of being too lazy. :) Glad you got it checked, and very glad that you are alright.


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