Opinion: Slow Snails

Photography by Cristobal Guerra Naranjo 

It's one of those days when everything is nicely fogged up--no pun intended. Outside the window is a soft picture, not unlike cotton candies. Just diluted and semi-transparent. It is a thick spread of cream with tints of gray over everything.

Not forgetting the bit of chill. It is the kind of day that begs for burning candles or incense and watching smoke curl up in sweet scents to hug the corners of space. If you've a fireplace, I envy you. Today definitely wants for something soothing. Perhaps blues, I won't mind jazz either. 

It's not encouraging of conversations. No. The preference is very little speaking or a few smiles if one feels a need to reach out to whomever one shares it with. I would rather be alone.

Happy Friday,


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