Let Her Walk Naked

This past summer, I saw a little interview with a woman who went about walking shirtless and braless. She said sometimes cops stopped her with the intention to arrest her only to find out that it is actually legal for women to walk around baring all. Her mission is to desexualize nudity. I applaud her.

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Now, I haven't got the guts to go about in that manner, but I also don't think that people who can should not. Or should be jumped by men.  A woman wearing something very fitted, or little does not translate into she wishes to be harassed, or worse, she wishes to be raped.  As human beings, with  reasoning skills, it should not be a problem for a woman to walk about however she wishes. And if she does, a man should not insult her by offering her money in exchange for sex, or try to force his way with her.  Some men go shirtless in the summer. But they tell you it's not the same! Why isn't it the same? It is all skin, is it not?  It is even more sad when women abuse their fellow women on this same issue.

I know this is a bit controversial and religion alone has a lot to say on the subject but when you see a woman walking about next time wearing little clothing, I hope you will pause and ask yourself "why is this a problem?" Because it really shouldn't be a problem.



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