Leonard Cohen - The Partisan

I suppose I could have kept it lighter, It being the first Saturday of the year and all (it feels like time is on a speed boat, or perhaps a rocket! It's already the 5th!)  but whenever I hear this song it feels like an emblem of what we are as human.

* Please wait for it to download fully before you start listening.


  1. This song is great in everyone's interpretation, but I think Leonard Cohen's is my favorite. It's so intense and strong, no way to hear it without paying attention to lyrics.
    Love your blog!

    1. Yes, Cohen is the man. His lyrics "are poetry!" A friend said this to me once. And I absolutely agree. And oh that voice. There's nothing like that voice. Thank you, Milena! It's good to know that some enjoyed this. And thank you for loving my blog. That's priceless encouragement.



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