A Cup of Crazy Tea!

You know how sometimes you have something, and as it runs out, you add it to another, and as that runs out, you add it too to another? If you do, then you will understand what I have been drinking these mornings. I must name it something, but for now, I call it the Crazy Tea.

Here are some of things that I can recall or taste in it; yerba mate, cayenne pepper, silver needle white tea, sencha green tea, chamomile flowers, rose petals, lavender flowers, yogurt, and a bit of ginger. This must sound quite disgusting, and yet it isn't. I am so amazed that it isn't, and that it doesn't make me best buddies with the loo. I didn't blend this on my own, well I blended the base which was yarba mate, cayenne, and lavender for a cold. But the rest were blends on their own. And now I have this crazy morning tea that wakes me up after one sip. Imagine how I feel after a whole cup.

Ah, but I need a proper tea maker. I use paper filters and I am no longer happy with it because I can now taste the paper. I hope to get something cool soon when some money starts flying my way. I am considering adding a bit of turmeric to the blend. What do  you think? Do you have any cool tea blends of your own?


  1. I've never tried blending my own tea. I usually just buy premade tea bags. I really like tea and I usually drink several cups a day but I haven't gotten into my own blends yet.

    1. Eyelah, if you can, you should give it a try. It is a lot of fun. And after a few trial and errors, you often are rewarded with something uniquely tapered to your tastes. I still drink tea bags. Loose tea is something I started doing quite recently.

  2. Wow, your mixture is quite impressive! I love green tea with jasmine and apple. I've discovered valerian tea recently, it smells beautifully and has a great calming effect.

    1. Your blend sounds quite wonderful. I have had green tea and jasmine flowers, but never with apples. I haven't tried Valerian tea. Thanks for mentioning it. I will be on the lookout. I like beautiful smells and great calming effects.


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