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Let's Talk About School

Right. I go back on Thursday for my second semester at Brooklyn College for an MA in English Literature. The hope is to feel excitement soon. At the moment, I don't know what I feel. I suppose after I meet the Professors––whom upon reading about I have thought quite cool––sit in their classes, and get a sense of things, I will know how to feel. I am taking two seminar classes; 1. Early Modern Comedy & Classical Models  And 2. Medieval Mystical Literature. I think both classes sound very interesting. I have little knowledge on the subjects so they really should be fun.  Writing this I am beginning to feel some excitement! Yes, if nothing at all, it should be an interesting semester!

Opinion: Slow Snails

It's one of those days when everything is nicely fogged up--no pun intended. Outside the window is a soft picture, not unlike cotton candies. Just diluted and semi-transparent. It is a thick spread of cream with tints of gray over everything.

Not forgetting the bit of chill. It is the kind of day that begs for burning candles or incense and watching smoke curl up in sweet scents to hug the corners of space. If you've a fireplace, I envy you. Today definitely wants for something soothing. Perhaps blues, I won't mind jazz either. 
It's not encouraging of conversations. No. The preference is very little speaking or a few smiles if one feels a need to reach out to whomever one shares it with. I would rather be alone.

Happy Friday,

Experiencing Guiseppe Verdi's Il Trovatore

It was sudden. There weren't significant days of planning. I was behind my computer putting a couple of stuff together when I got the text "you've got mail." And the email said "Hey wanna join me on Saturday evening? The tickets are $25 each..." and a link to wikipedia, see link here.

I said yes even before I got my head around what was being communicated. I have been wanting to go to the opera for sometime now, but the tickets are often up, up, there in the skies.

You will be proud to know that I didn't even contemplate wearing converse to this performance at the Met. And I am so glad I didn't. Everyone was dressed up to the nines; mostly in black lots of fur, and expensive evening attire. It was full of  people who were much, much older than myself. Glad I didn't insult them with my favorite pair of dirty high tops. ^_^

The stage was quite impressive. It looked so real. Better than anything I've seen on Broadway so far. And the singing is…

Stupid Cotton Swabs!

Yes, I am a bit late today. I am allowed to do this because it is only my blog and surely I am my biggest reader! However, I want to share why. A few days ago––two months, says my boyfriend who is better with numbers than I'm––I was poking my ears with a cotton swab in an attempt to clean it. The swab stick came back without the cotton tuft at the end. I tried to get it out with a hair pin and when my attempts were unsuccessful, ignored it. It felt uncomfortable for a bit, but I could be stubborn too, so I just kept ignoring it. Then my friend told me about her recent pains going to some earwax situation and I thought I would finally go to the hospital, but I, of course, did not. I told my boyfriend and he gave me "a look" but didn't attempt to get me to do anything. I think he knew it would be useless.

On Saturday, I was talking to Mother and let it slipped that I had a little ball of cotton stuck in my ear. The woman went psycho on me. "What?!" She asked…

An Affair With Poetry

There's a Ghanaian tradition that most junior high school students look forward to: going away to boarding school to high school. It is often the first time in the lives of many Ghanaian teenagers to live not under the noses of our often strict parents. We love to choose the schools that are furthest away from home. The furthest away, the cooler we appear to our mates, and the prouder our parents are. Most of the best schools were not in the capital city of Accra, but in smaller towns like Cape Coast, where my own boarding school was located. It was a four hour drive from home. The school was situated on top of a hill, in the midst of a little forest; full of gigantic trees which were home to several monkeys.

At school, it was part of the system to study for about an hour each night. We gathered in study halls, and tried to read our notes to prepare for the next day of classes. These were the times when I wrote poems. Pretending that I was studying my awfully boring notes, I used …

A Cup of Crazy Tea!

You know how sometimes you have something, and as it runs out, you add it to another, and as that runs out, you add it too to another? If you do, then you will understand what I have been drinking these mornings. I must name it something, but for now, I call it the Crazy Tea.

Here are some of things that I can recall or taste in it; yerba mate, cayenne pepper, silver needle white tea, sencha green tea, chamomile flowers, rose petals, lavender flowers, yogurt, and a bit of ginger. This must sound quite disgusting, and yet it isn't. I am so amazed that it isn't, and that it doesn't make me best buddies with the loo. I didn't blend this on my own, well I blended the base which was yarba mate, cayenne, and lavender for a cold. But the rest were blends on their own. And now I have this crazy morning tea that wakes me up after one sip. Imagine how I feel after a whole cup.

Ah, but I need a proper tea maker. I use paper filters and I am no longer happy with it because I can …

Half Way Through January

A little too often, I have heard some say that days start to feel the same. I am scared of this. Of
everything feeling the same. Of accepting everything as it is, of becoming just a habit, a familiar pattern, or an image that always looks the same, feels the same.

So I am letting somethings go.  Things that I love but are not exactly healthy. I am letting go certain ways of looking at things. I am not sure this is a good idea, but I suppose I owe it to myself to find out. My relationship with people is changing. I feel that I am becoming more selfish. I do not just wish to be the only one who talks, I want the honor to hear your thoughts. I don't wish to be the only one with the pom-poms cheering you on, I want you to wave your hands, however you like, when I need a bit of motivation.
These things used to not matter to me. I had often felt that I didn't need much encouragements. When I desire to do something, I often find the motivation needed in places  of beauty. Like beaut…

Johnny Cash - In My Life

This song, I simply love. It's a cover by Cage, but it is so much his. When you hear the Beatles sing this song, and you hear Cage belt it out, it is different. I will leave it to you to decide what the difference is. Yesterday, I heard that an Uncle of mine has kicked the bucket. It made me sad, and it made me see life for what it is: a moment. Here today, gone in the next second. 
Don't let my loss weigh you down, I am celebrating his passing. I am sure he did prefer that. Happy Saturday, mates!

Broadway Play Review - Picnic

Before we hop on this little carriage, you must know that I was 17 minutes late to the play. Embarrassing? Yes, but what's more embarrassing is that I was on time at the wrong theater. This has been a week where a majority of what I do is either backwards, uncomfortably too early, or just really weird. But I am finding it all amusing.

Picnic is currently previewing at the American Airlines Theater on 227 West 42nd Street. It will open this Sunday the 13th of January and close on the 24th of February. Ten days after Valentine's day. I think this is a perfect play for Valentine's day, but ah, what do I know.

To it then. Set in the front yard of a home in Kansas city, in the 50s.  The play highlights the relationship between a pretty sister Medge (Maggie Grace) and an intelligent sister Millie (Madeleine Martin). Medge's got the town's men in-love with her. And Millie is of course, jealous. They live with their Mother  Flo (Mare Winningham) and share the lawn with a…

Lost in Austen

Right before Christmas, I was working on my biggest scarf order till this day. A cool lady customer ordered it for her boyfriend. I wanted to fixate my eyes on something as my hands did their thing. At the moment, I only watch Fringe, Spy, and Hart of Dixie on Hulu. And I had seen all the latest episodes. As I went searching for something else, I stumbled on Lost in Austen! I was immediately curious. I had been reading Pride and Prejudice for a final paper, so the story was fresh in memory. And the title sounded familiar.

If you haven't seen this yet, you probably would want to! I found out later that the show came out in 2008! Imagine that!  The whole thing was on both Netflix and YouTube! Lost in Austen is a treat for Pride and Prejudice lovers and haters both! It's a four series show, and unlike me, you are able to watch all of it together! I had to wait, so painfully, and eagerly to see an episode every week!

Warning, it doesn't stick to the original storyline, even f…

Let Her Walk Naked

This past summer, I saw a little interview with a woman who went about walking shirtless and braless. She said sometimes cops stopped her with the intention to arrest her only to find out that it is actually legal for women to walk around baring all. Her mission is to desexualize nudity. I applaud her.

Now, I haven't got the guts to go about in that manner, but I also don't think that people who can should not. Or should be jumped by men.  A woman wearing something very fitted, or little does not translate into she wishes to be harassed, or worse, she wishes to be raped.  As human beings, with  reasoning skills, it should not be a problem for a woman to walk about however she wishes. And if she does, a man should not insult her by offering her money in exchange for sex, or try to force his way with her.  Some men go shirtless in the summer. But they tell you it's not the same! Why isn't it the same? It is all skin, is it not?  It is even more sad when women abuse thei…

Leonard Cohen - The Partisan

HAPPY SATURDAY! I suppose I could have kept it lighter, It being the first Saturday of the year and all (it feels like time is on a speed boat, or perhaps a rocket! It's already the 5th!)  but whenever I hear this song it feels like an emblem of what we are as human.
* Please wait for it to download fully before you start listening.