Some Sitting Between the Standings

Asase Ye Duru (Adinkra Symbol)
literal meaning - The Earth is heavy
The plan is to not be bothered with a lot of things. This is a philosophy that doesn't seem to get me anywhere, but I believe it keeps me where I need to be.

See, I believe in Karma.  The world takes care of itself.  There's no reason to get bitter and angry all the time  trying to hold people accountable for every little thing. If we were immortal I might see the reasoning in that. I have stepped on a couple of toes, haven't you? People say you ought to stand up for yourself, I say bah! If it really hurts, try dissecting your feelings and see just how much standing-up-for-self attention it needs. Most of the time, it's not that significant. So I let it go. I let a lot go. To make room for better energy; things that will keep me laughing and stay laughing.

I am not always successful. Sometimes I do a lot of unnecessary 'standing-ups' so I can be 'respected' and definitely not 'walked all over.' Oh man, it's tough isn't it.

Well think it through and sometime this week when someone is unfair to you, pause and think a little. Are they worth the confrontation? What do you hope to gain by lashing out at them. Did what they do to you really matter? In the grand scheme of things just how much does it matter? Most of the time the answers are simple. Don't get me wrong, there are many things worthy of our standing ups; significant relationships are one of those. They require that we speak our minds often. However, lot of other stuff is just bah!



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