Let's Whistle About Tea

My feet moves automatically to the kitchen to put the water to boil when I wake. Then I take a shot of water; I literally like to drink a glass of water, straight, first thing after my mouth is washed. Ah, the pot's whistling! I love that music of tea-about-to-happen.  The first cup is usually green tea (loose is much more fun to make).  The second cup follows immediately: a cup of black tea with honey, and soy milk for breakfast! or just black to accompany a cereal or oatmeal. Sometimes I have it soaking with bread or biscuits and eat my tea with a spoon. Go on and judge me.

For late mornings I love blending green tea with chamomile  (about 2:1 ratio -  where green is 2) with a splash of lemon, and a dash of cayenne pepper. A nice spicy kick to welcome the afternoon.  Afternoons are kicked off with white tea, brewed till bitter because I don't mind bitter tea. I'm often too lazy to put in all the effort that white tea arrogantly demands. It's much easier to not give a feck about water temperature, just let it whistle and let the tea sit in your cup forever, until you have drained it into your system. (If you don't care for bitter white tea, don't brew for more than two minutes. If the water is really hot, don't brew for more than a minute and half.


For evenings, until you sleep; a blend of peppermint, lavender, and chamomile (1:1:1), or peppermint, chamomile, and rosebuds (same ratio, though you can up the chamomile) as before, bring water to boil and brew for about 6 mins or longer.  These blends together relaxes you. I know this because I have done it several times, and the idea is from the last place I worked, some tea shop. ;)

To stock up on loose tea check out Atlantic Spice. They sell in bulk, and minimum order is $30 (That's like a lot of tea) buy with friends if you must; work your magic to get your friends into drinking more tea, but if you are like me, you don't need the friends. You can finish most of this stuff in a month! *.* (I'm exaggerating. Two is more like it.)  I do about six cups of tea a day if I am mostly at home, three if I am in and out (I hate buying already brewed/blended tea, and the best ones are too expensive!) On Sundays, I fly off the radar. I don't bother counting, I just make cup after cup because there's nothing better to drink.

Teas I love:

Lapsong suchong, Japanese sencha green tea, yerba mate, oolong, silver needle white tea, rooibos, hibiscus, English breakfast, chamomile, peppermint, ginger tea, lemongrass, and pu-erh green tea

Teas I yearn for depending on mood:

Darjeeling black, gen mai cha, lavender (tastes like drinking flowers. It's fun!),  Chinese gun powder green, and jasmine green tea.

Teas I want to try:

Dragon well, panfired green tea, Yu Wu green tea, chrysanthemum,  and rose hip tea.
Are you a tea person? Which do you love? Any suggestions? Please share ^.^


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