How to Get Rid of Adult Acne

But really, the title ought to be how I'm getting rid of my adult acne.
I started breaking out a little over a year ago. I never had issues with acne before, but things got funny after College, and I suppose it showed on my face. At first I wasn't worried, I thought they would all disappear pretty soon. I was wrong. About six months ago, I started seriously looking for ways to get rid of my acne (the thing was upsetting my confidence, and sometimes they were painful and itchy!) and I think I'm getting there...

Pictures Taken July 25 2012

Pictures Taken October 6 2012

General Routine:

1. Paying more attention to what I eat and drink. It appears that what we ingest has a big effect on our skin. I found out that milk doesn't work out for me. I am on soy milk now, and it's pretty alright.
2. Oil Cleansing Method - I use Jojoba oil, castor oil, and Vitamin E oil on a 1:1:1 ratio. I thought cleansing my face with oil sounded ridiculous too. But it works. First you feel it, then you see it. Be gentle so as to not irritate your skin.
3. Using Regimen This works!
4. Using Products (started using on Aug. 6th) and it's working great.
5. Tomato Juice (For getting rid of dark spots/ blemishes - it's optional)
6. Over exfoliating irritates my skin. I exfoliate once to twice a week. I use a soft wash cloth and cleanser and slide it very, very gently over my face for about 30 seconds.

Morning Routine:

1. Wash Face with Cleanser following directions from their blog (link above). -- You only need a tiny bit of this stuff. Like a drop or two.

2. Spread clean wash-cloth on face and pat all over without moving wash cloth. (like patting your face, only between your face and your palm there's a wash cloth)

3. Cut a slice of fresh tomato and rub on face, wait 5 mins to dry and rub more tomato. leave on face for about 15 mins - 20 mins, then rinse gently, barely touching face.

4. Wait for face to dry, or dry face using step 2. Then apply treatment. Wait to dry, then apply more treatment to break-outs as you would use a spot treatment. (Be careful, this stuff bleaches. It bleached some of my hair.)

5. Wait five to ten minutes to dry, then apply solution

Night Routine

1. Squeeze a generous amount of mixed oils into palm and rub together to warm up
2. Apply oil onto face, then massage into face for at least one minute. This is a treat. You are going to love it. Then get addicted and want to do it more than once a day. But you must behave, once is enough.
3. Splash face with warm water—— I do this in the shower, so I just let the water splash my face for about a minute.
[* Oil cleansing method helps prevent face from the excessive drying that the cleanser and treatment would otherwise cause]
4. Wash face with cleanser
Repeat Steps 4 and 5 from morning routine.

I know this sounds like a lot, but it's not. You can do things in-between waiting. Also once you start the oil treatment, you will feel weird when you don't do it. It feels sooooooo good! Your face start feeling great after the first time. I do the oil treatment my own way. I have seen it done several ways as you've probably read in the link I attached above, but I find those a little tedious and this works out fine for me.

Thoughts and Tips

You are going to have to be patient, but I started seeing results within the first week. I didn't want to buy the treatment package from because I find it expensive. I still think it's over priced, and shipping makes me want to throw a tantrum, but at least it's working so the money is not wasted. Thank God!

I tried natural products like vinegar and baking soda, and they were mistakes. I find that baking soda helps lighten the dark spot left behind, but it had no effect on the active pimples :(

Do loads of research, and try to pamper your face. It's worth it. I could have seen a dermatologist, and I thought I would do that if the stuff didn't's working so I will sit on that thought.

Good luck to you mate! Don't forget, ugly duckling moments can be beautiful too. Don't feed your confidence to your pimples. Ignore the mirror if you must, and never stop believing that a day will come when you will become one of those irritating people who scream when they get a single tiny pimple ;).


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  2. Wow! The changes in your skin are almost miraculous! I'm glad the OCM worked for you. Why does it seem to work for everyone but me? :-(

    I actually cleared up my skin almost instantly by going back on birth control, which is how I was controlling it before. Hormones have their own set of complications (the worst being *intense* mood swings) but my pimples were so itchy. I was desperate!!!!

    My plan is to make lifestyle changes to balance my hormones- which I think is the root of my acne- in the next few years. I'm starting to eat healthier (not out of boxes and cans) and exercise. I totally wanna get pregnant in 5 years (I'll be 39 then!!!). It'd be nice to have clear skin & healthy fertile lady hormones while that happens.

    I like what you said about not feeding your confidence to your pimples best. It's good to remember that.


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