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Broadway Musical Review: Annie the Musical

Annie was one of my favorite movies growing up, along with Matilda, and the Sound of Music. Ah, why isn't the latter on Broadway? Matilda, I've read somewhere, was playing in London last year, and might soon be on Broadway! Perhaps the Sound of Music will follow someday. Annie the Musical has currently made the Palace Theater on Broadway, home. It is a good musical, very family oriented, and a real cute dog on stage as Sandy.

Book by Thomas Meehan, music by Charles Strouse, lyrics by Martin Charnin, choreography by Andy Blankenbuehler, and directed by James Lapine. All Tony Award winners! Also starring Lilla Crawford as Annie, Katie Finneran as Miss Hannigan, Anthony Warlow as Oliver Warbucks. There's of course more. I am not listing them, please go to Annie's Broadway page to get to know them all. By far, Katie Finneran as  Miss Hannigan gave the best performance. She's really funny.

After I saw the musical last Thursday evening, I kept going back and forth on wh…

Some Sitting Between the Standings

The plan is to not be bothered with a lot of things. This is a philosophy that doesn't seem to get me anywhere, but I believe it keeps me where I need to be.

See, I believe in Karma.  The world takes care of itself.  There's no reason to get bitter and angry all the time  trying to hold people accountable for every little thing. If we were immortal I might see the reasoning in that. I have stepped on a couple of toes, haven't you? People say you ought to stand up for yourself, I say bah! If it really hurts, try dissecting your feelings and see just how much standing-up-for-self attention it needs. Most of the time, it's not that significant. So I let it go. I let a lot go. To make room for better energy; things that will keep me laughing and stay laughing.

I am not always successful. Sometimes I do a lot of unnecessary 'standing-ups' so I can be 'respected' and definitely not 'walked all over.' Oh man, it's tough isn't it.

Well think it…

Let's Whistle About Tea

My feet moves automatically to the kitchen to put the water to boil when I wake. Then I take a shot of water; I literally like to drink a glass of water, straight, first thing after my mouth is washed. Ah, the pot's whistling! I love that music of tea-about-to-happen.  The first cup is usually green tea (loose is much more fun to make).  The second cup follows immediately: a cup of black tea with honey, and soy milk for breakfast! or just black to accompany a cereal or oatmeal. Sometimes I have it soaking with bread or biscuits and eat my tea with a spoon. Go on and judge me.

For late mornings I love blending green tea with chamomile  (about 2:1 ratio -  where green is 2) with a splash of lemon, and a dash of cayenne pepper. A nice spicy kick to welcome the afternoon.  Afternoons are kicked off with white tea, brewed till bitter because I don't mind bitter tea. I'm often too lazy to put in all the effort that white tea arrogantly demands. It's much easier to not give …

It's Official, I'm a Writer!

No I didn't get published! There are more unpublished writers than there are published ones. I have just officially become proper. ;) Ah, I was already one of them, I just wasn't officially so. The officialness surfaced last Sunday; I couldn't tell you because I had to tell someone first. And I finally told them. Ok, to the story.

The doorbell rung, I was up to my ears in a huge bathrobe and my boyfriend's so call "European- summer-pants" which I call Pjs! I can't believe he wear those out in the streets. I hobbled to the door partly because I was wearing way too much, and partly because I like to hobble.

It was a man I'd never seen. I said "Hi," wondering what he wanted. He said his name and told me his father, Harry, the next door neighbor had just died and they were trying to give away his stuff. I told him I didn't know Harry and I was only apartment-sitting for a few days, smiled, closed the door then hobbled back to finish the abs…

How to Get Rid of Adult Acne

But really, the title ought to be how I'm getting rid of my adult acne.
I started breaking out a little over a year ago. I never had issues with acne before, but things got funny after College, and I suppose it showed on my face. At first I wasn't worried, I thought they would all disappear pretty soon. I was wrong. About six months ago, I started seriously looking for ways to get rid of my acne (the thing was upsetting my confidence, and sometimes they were painful and itchy!) and I think I'm getting there...

Pictures Taken July 25 2012

Pictures Taken October 6 2012

General Routine:

1. Paying more attention to what I eat and drink. It appears that what we ingest has a big effect on our skin. I found out that milk doesn't work out for me. I am on soy milk now, and it's pretty alright.
2. Oil Cleansing Method - I use Jojoba oil, castor oil, and Vitamin E oil on a 1:1:1 ratio. I thought cleansing my face with oil sounded ridiculous too. But it works. First you feel …

Late to a Book Reading

Yesterday was a lazy day. I believe I watched episodes after episodes of Mad Men; this appears to have cured me of any desire to finish the series. I think I've had it, I feel a little sick when I think about watching anymore of it. The wardrobe is exciting, but I have wasted enough of my existence catching up, thank you very much.

As usual, I'm off topic ^_^. Sometime, before it started raining like Queens was soon to be lost in a flood, I dragged myself off to a reading at Macaulay Honors College, a few blocks from Lincoln Center (don't you feel very artsy when you find yourself staring at Juilliard? I do!). It was Susanna Moore, reading her new book, The Life of Objects. I sat next to her only because I was late, and didn't look her up before I went. I found out who I was sitting next to when her introducer beckoned her to the stage. I don't know why I don't ever get starstruck.

It was a good reading. As my friend suggested later, we ought to do it more oft…

Personal Style: Lazy Days

For short and long walks, to do the groceries, to sit around and admire the ceiling, I often find myself wearing these pieces...
What do you wear?!
Dress - H&M (I cut off the sleeves)
Leggings - Marshalls
Tank Top - Marshalls
Tennis Shoes - H&M
Men Knit Sweater - Daffy's
African Print Fabric & Yarn Braided Bracelets - Mawusi
Yarn Braided Belt - Mawusi