What to Wear?!

I was just thinking, now, as I ponder what to wear to school tomorrow, that I may add a "How-I -Wear-it" section to my blog. I have come to the state of mind that a lot of fashion blogs and vlogs these days are just soooooo head-bump the wall sad. Everyone wear the same thing! Like seriously, they just copy each other, make the same videos and ask us to copy them so we can all look generic together!

It should be to inspire and encourage you to reach into yourself and let your creativity swagger with all confidence. Not, to keep running to Forever 21 everyday. I am not one to care much about 'in-the-season' looks. Dude, I rock what I want. I've been accused of trying too hard to look different, but the truth is that I don't try. I just wear what my mood inspires. Many times, I wait for things to go out of season before I wear them! Example,  if for some ridiculous reason, I should buy a fish-tail dress, shirt, skirt, or a peter-pan necklace now, I would wait until everybody I come into contact with is not wearing them!

Anyhow, below's a link and a video from my favorite YouTube fashion Vlogger. She does not post regularly, but her style is her's and a single video of hers is worth more than most.

Nicely Damaged


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