Off Off Broadway Review: Cougar The Musical

Playing at the St. Luke's Theatre, is Cougar the Musical, by Donna Moore. I hesitate to write this review seeing that I am still uncertain what to say of it. I will make it short and in bullet points.

+ Cast of four: Lily - Catherine Porter, Clarity - Brenda Braxton, Mary-Marie - Babs Winn
Buck (and many other men characters) - Danny Bernardy. Incidentally, Bernardy was the most entertaining cast.
+ Setting: NY City.
+ Briefing: three older women united in their search for self-acceptance.

+ " What do you call older men who go out with younger women? Men!" Therefore older women who go out with younger men should be referred to simply as women, too. Not cougars! I think that's the theme. But then it got confusing because the women in the play could only be free of the discriminating term after they had embraced it and then referred to themselves as cougars. So I am like ahem, ok, I do see the  COUGAR in COURAGE, but not the message in Cougar

There were several hilarious moments. Especially with Winn's Mary-Marie and Bernardy's characters.
+ The singing was just awful. (Please don't shoot me. I can't sing either)
+ And the theater smelled funny. Ok, it has nothing to do with the musical, but I kept thinking, gosh this place smells funny! 
+ Tickets start at $39.50. If you can get it for half that price, by all means go see it. It has moments! I won't pay any more than that.
+ If you are very particular about music in musicals, then I'm sorry, but I don't think this is for you :(.



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